Sukida (sukida) wrote in lair7thsealarp,

Open Plot Meeting

Ok, the Open Plot Meeting is the Sunday before each game. As we will not be having a regular, 1st of the month game this month, the Open Plot meeting with be on June 12th!

Now, this one is especially important as this is were we will be passing out directions, answering any questions on downtimes, etc., and collecting last minute funds. If you need an updated copy of your character sheet or need to get one to me, you'll want to be there. If you need your updated XP or make some last minute expendatures, you want to be there. If you simply want to paint your plot members like blue smurfs!... you want there.

Ok, so maybe not the blue part, but if you've caught the jist of the post... You want to be there!

EDIT: Time and Location of Open Plot Meeting shall be posted when we are closer to the actual day of. Plot is still discussing where exactly it shall be, and whether we should allott(sp?) additional time to ensure everything is taken care of.
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