Jules (j_puppy) wrote in lair7thsealarp,


I would like to take a moment to thank the plot team for Vampire larp for all the games we have made together, and for the fun times there in. I would also like to thank 7th Sea plot (all members past and present) for the games that it has ran and for introducing me to this wonderfull thing called LARP!.

as a note to players it takes alot of work and time to run a game, there are times that it is rather thankless. An ocassional thanks from the players goes along ways (no not xp) it make us feel appreceated and lets us know that what we are doing is worth our time. So please take the time to thank you plot memebers , be it in person, via email, or before or after game.

once again THANKS!!!! to all the plot teams for both games and thanks to the players too for makeing those games a continued success

Julian "Jules" Burns
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