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When attending the most recent Open Plot meeting I ended up discussing safety while in boffer combat. The issue was brought up that for each gender there is a specific section on our anatomy that does not appreciate impact. This is both a health issue as well as a personal comfort issue. I agreed to make a post here about this to give some help locating solutions to this.
The easy ones first:
If you don't know about them you probably have not gone to many sporting events. A jock cup can do much for pain avoidance and reproductive health. It is important to realize that major damage to that area has many very significant long term health risks. Wear a cup and consult a doctor if hurt. You can get them from any decent sporting goods shop like Gart Bros.

Frauen (ladies):
Realize that the sports world is coming out of the dark ages finally. Since there are not millions of fans pouring $ into watching many female contact sports there are not as many choices for protective gear. That said I have tracked down the appropriate gear and a couple of locations for them.
Before I do that I would like to address a myth:
that women do not have to worry about impact to the groin.
Dead wrong. There are more than a few risks that damage there can have terrible effects on reproductive health, orgasmic dysfunction, and burst ovaries (they are near the front wall of the abdomen and can sustain damage via external impact)
I have located protection for both the chest and the groin as a result.
online resources at
chest protection from Leon paul

Blade Fencing - also has guys chest protectors.


local resources at:
Cheyenne Fencing
5818 E Colfax Av-
Denver, 80220 - 1507
(303) 321-8657

Northern Colorado Fencers
1725 Walnut
Boulder, CO 80302 - 5581
(303) 443-6557

Pierre Le Chat Fencing Club
5970 Ingalls
Arvada, CO 80003 - 5682
(303) 463-2911

South Denver Fencing Academy
7075 S Alton Wy
Centennial, CO 80112 - 2017
(720) 200-5588

Groin protection at:

Karate depot

Most of my other
Google results were similar.

With this safety information now out in the open I will not really listen to any complaints caused by your wobbly-dobbly bits getting whacked. You all now have the solution close at hand.
That said anyone that can prove that they are wearing the appropriate safety gear at the next game I attend will get a hug + an in game gift (a surprise!)
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You're bribing us, to get protection.....???

(I think most of the players are poor)

not bribing - encouraging. And yes I realize that they are on limited budgets just like me. But I think that many can save up and get a $9.00 piece of equipment in 2+ months. That is the cost of one of the cheaper chest protectors. The mens jock cup is even cheaper at one local store. I want people to be safe and comfortable. I am still looking for an affordable source of Gorget's to post too. Unfortunately I have mostly found stuff in the $70.00 - $200.00 range - way too expensive.
I was honestly mostly teasing you. ^^
I hear you on that, saftey has been a little laxthanks for the post and the info. As for poor players, if you can afford 3+ a month and or 30 for the camping trip you can afford the 9 for saftey equipment. Its worth not getting naild in the dangly bits