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It was a long weekend with interesting and dangerous developements. I had set up a castillian dish my Grandpa taught me using meat,tomatoes,spices and these small flour/egg noodles that you boil in water to make soft. It was ok but a castillian friend told me they dont use tomatoes and have some different spices. I was just enjoying some of it when the a Ghost came and started ruinning my nihgt. I tell you one thing is that you cant trust a Ghost and that its better they stay where ever they go when you dont see them. I tried to warn everyone but they wouldnt listen. Well I guess that wasnt the first thing to happen a young starved and crying boy that was babbling with hunger came trouncing by tavern. How could I just let that be and eat like noth'in happin'in! I gave him some food and drink. He was so happy that embrassed me with a thankfull hug/handshake and went on about his bussiness. I didnt know it at the time but the bugger put some kind of curse or something on me. I would talk to others and I could hear them just fine but for some reason they didnt understand me. Well I guess it was a sickness because Don Hugo gave me medication to help with it. Eventually it worked and I was better. The Ghost kept pestering us and I shot at it and somehow hit a Lady that was in tavern. The Ghost froze my bow in my hand and I (wince,pause) left it alone. The shadowen kept attacking and for some reason seemed to be after the Captain of those adverersome lot that ports here from time to time.
After many of an exhausting battle they disappeared into the night. They later attacked the Hostpital and all day Saterday they must have been causing Chao's as most of the Hero's and important people left to defend it. I stayed to protect tavern as I am no longer Head of Security at Hospital, and someone needs to be in Tavern in case need arises and to take messages.
I was also nursing a couple of old battle wounds but I still could have fought if I had too.(Smiles Big) Things were just going good as people came back in good health with mennace driven off when of all things unwelcome guests arrive. I am not one for tellin' others how to believe, but them Inqisitors like to tell you how to worship,what to say and how to urinate if they get a chance. I was being very nice inspite of them coming with armed guards demanding to know when certain people are. They yelled at people and put me on my edge. They asked us to go inside of tavern and then proceeded to lock up tavern and left 6 gaurds at one door and 3 at another. That's not counting the contingent they had outside or the army they sent to docks. I asked them if I could leave and was told NO!. I then asked why I was a prisoner and they told me that I was not but that we were locked up for the safety of thier men and our lives. I dont know about you but If I want help I would ask for it. So I hung around and made some jokes about them and legeon being the same thing but in a really clever and suttle way. They next thing I know I hear reports of flying creatures attacking anyone or thing that moves. I also hear that a Krackon was coming ashore reaking havoc and mayhem come to destroy town. I decided that it was time to do what every good soldier does at a time like this. I visited the privy so as not to embaressmyself later. I come out and they are attacking us saying we killed their leader and some other town folk had come in to help us get out. I was all ready to light up someones night like a pin cushin but then of all things unexpected in pop dracon royal guards and demand a stop to the fighting. I have never seen something so funny as the inquisitor's face when told to shut up by the Dracon. After both sides told thier lies and stories they were told to go seperate ways till a trial could be done. I told that they called their nearby army to come and ravage town in response. I also have on good authority that the dracon is not going to let them try to run the country and have dispatched for over a 1000 of them. And I thought that 5 of them were an army.(Laughs a Lot) I went to bed into a very troubled sleep. The next day I just bagged me some fliers but had to use special arrows to take them alive. We built a cage and set them up as gift(Trophy) to the Govener of the provience. I am a bit thirsty and I this story is worth at least 2 mugs of ale.

PS I need your E-mail to turn in some down time before next game. Please. Maybe I can get it written down and meet you somewhere for lunch if things go good this week.
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