Sukida (sukida) wrote in lair7thsealarp,

Game for July

Game this month will be held at Prospect Park! Huzzah for nice weather!

This means that Game On will be stepped up to 5pm, so that we can be out of the park on time. Many apologies to anyone that inconveniences. The price for game does not change with the site, just in case it was in question. The park is located at 44th and Robb. Basically, take I-70 to Kipling. Head to 44th (which from I-70 would be south.) Turn right on 44th (west). Go down to Quail. Turn left (south) into Prospect Park.

If anyone can clarify directions, or do them better, by all means. I am definately not real good with directions. Any questions? Concerns? Bitchy ranting that can follow me home and to the end of my days?
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