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Game Lair's 7th Sea LARP LJ's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Game Lair's 7th Sea LARP LJ

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Missing in Action [13 Sep 2005|10:42pm]
I cant do anything for a bit as I have hurt myself. I fell harshly while showering and dont want to walk much untill better. I am sorry if that messes up anything anyone has planned. Gas prices are making me insane also as limited income makes it almost not worth having car. I hope things go good for all of you. If i can somehow get a phoneline where I am staying now my little Bro Billy will give me a computer then I can log on more than once every week or two. Good Luck and miss all of you.

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Upcoming game and October [28 Aug 2005|10:54pm]


Ok, since we have... oh, 5? Maybe 6? actual dedicated players at this point we will not be having a camping trip this October. I figured that was pretty obvious for those of you that come to game, but thought I'd make sure everyone knew anyway.

However, we will still be having the Harvest Masque! So, get together your best garb folks! I know the Don Hugo was intending for a bit of dressing down for the nobles (How quaint!, as they would say.) so they might fit in with the townsfolk better but this is also the chance for you peasant folk out there to show off what you got! Be prepared for some dancing, some carousing, and some effigy burning! Woo!

The September (Sept. 3rd) game will be the last game for this year held at Prospect Park. We'll try to get the large pavilion this time, but as you all know it's first come, first serve. Unless someone actually paid for it, then they always get it.

The October game (Oct. 1st) will be at Bonnie Brae Hobby Shop. As usual, we play downstairs and in the lot out back. We will be making this game a pot luck, so drag out those recipes and we'll bring our best if you do the same.

As always, if anyone has any suggestions, complaints, concerns, etc... please send them to 7thseaplot@gmail.com, and we will respond as swiftly as possible. Thank you.
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Game time [26 Aug 2005|08:19am]

Game for September 3rd will be at Prospect Park with the usual time on of 5:00. Plot will provide drinks, everyone is on thier own for food.

Let it be known
We will be having a Grand Ball for the October game which will be held a Bonnie Brae Hobbies

More information to follow.
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Open Plot meeting [26 Jul 2005|08:12am]

Open plot meeting will be on July 31st at Bonnie Brae Hobbies at 5:00pm.

And so we don't have the same issue that we had last time, we would like to know how many people are planning on comming to game so that we can take care of the food issue. Since it sucks to make food for 15 people and have 5 show up. So please respond here if you are comming to game or not.
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Question [25 Jul 2005|12:26pm]


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Seeking [05 Jul 2005|11:03pm]

Hey, as an addendum...

We may been a few extra NPC's this game, so if anyone is willing to volunteer (that will be there) please raise your hand!
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Game for July [04 Jul 2005|10:52am]

Game this month will be held at Prospect Park! Huzzah for nice weather!

This means that Game On will be stepped up to 5pm, so that we can be out of the park on time. Many apologies to anyone that inconveniences. The price for game does not change with the site, just in case it was in question. The park is located at 44th and Robb. Basically, take I-70 to Kipling. Head to 44th (which from I-70 would be south.) Turn right on 44th (west). Go down to Quail. Turn left (south) into Prospect Park.

If anyone can clarify directions, or do them better, by all means. I am definately not real good with directions. Any questions? Concerns? Bitchy ranting that can follow me home and to the end of my days?
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ok [27 Jun 2005|11:54pm]

OK here and now, i would like to thanks plot for allt he damn hard workt hey have been doing, it was great, you guys rock the socks .. second, CHRIS, Thanks for allt he damn hard work you have done with this game, cant wait for you your liek third come back bro, i understand your reason completely... round of applause and many props..

thrid, as i understand rick is leaving 7th seas as a pc, and will just be npcing, i would like to ask my fellow players if they would allow me to join jules in the status of player advocate..
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QUESTION TO ALL PLAYERS!!! (lets try this again NO ARGUING!!!) [27 Jun 2005|06:09am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

What do you want so see more of in game?
What do you want to see less of in game?
What do you like about game?
What do you not like about game?
What plots have you enjoyed the most?
What plots have you enjoyed the least?
What rules do you want to see added (ie more usefull skills, more affects for Traits ie "panache, finnese,& wits" etc)
this goes for plot too please
Please answer as fully as possible the more input that plot has the better your game will be!

once again NO AGRUING!!! just fill out the survey please, thanks

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QUESTION TO ALL PLAYERS!!! [24 Jun 2005|10:29am]

What do you want so see more of in game?
What do you want to see less of in game?
What do you like about game?
What do you not like about game?
What plots have you enjoyed the most?
What plots have you enjoyed the least?
What rules do you want to see added (ie more usefull skills, more affects for Traits ie "panache, finnese,& wits" etc)
this goes for plot too please
Please answer as fully as possible the more input that plot has the better your game will be!
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Re-cap [24 Jun 2005|09:28am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

It was a long weekend with interesting and dangerous developements. I had set up a castillian dish my Grandpa taught me using meat,tomatoes,spices and these small flour/egg noodles that you boil in water to make soft. It was ok but a castillian friend told me they dont use tomatoes and have some different spices. I was just enjoying some of it when the a Ghost came and started ruinning my nihgt. I tell you one thing is that you cant trust a Ghost and that its better they stay where ever they go when you dont see them. I tried to warn everyone but they wouldnt listen. Well I guess that wasnt the first thing to happen a young starved and crying boy that was babbling with hunger came trouncing by tavern. How could I just let that be and eat like noth'in happin'in! I gave him some food and drink. He was so happy that embrassed me with a thankfull hug/handshake and went on about his bussiness. I didnt know it at the time but the bugger put some kind of curse or something on me. I would talk to others and I could hear them just fine but for some reason they didnt understand me. Well I guess it was a sickness because Don Hugo gave me medication to help with it. Eventually it worked and I was better. The Ghost kept pestering us and I shot at it and somehow hit a Lady that was in tavern. The Ghost froze my bow in my hand and I (wince,pause) left it alone. The shadowen kept attacking and for some reason seemed to be after the Captain of those adverersome lot that ports here from time to time.
After many of an exhausting battle they disappeared into the night. They later attacked the Hostpital and all day Saterday they must have been causing Chao's as most of the Hero's and important people left to defend it. I stayed to protect tavern as I am no longer Head of Security at Hospital, and someone needs to be in Tavern in case need arises and to take messages.
I was also nursing a couple of old battle wounds but I still could have fought if I had too.(Smiles Big) Things were just going good as people came back in good health with mennace driven off when of all things unwelcome guests arrive. I am not one for tellin' others how to believe, but them Inqisitors like to tell you how to worship,what to say and how to urinate if they get a chance. I was being very nice inspite of them coming with armed guards demanding to know when certain people are. They yelled at people and put me on my edge. They asked us to go inside of tavern and then proceeded to lock up tavern and left 6 gaurds at one door and 3 at another. That's not counting the contingent they had outside or the army they sent to docks. I asked them if I could leave and was told NO!. I then asked why I was a prisoner and they told me that I was not but that we were locked up for the safety of thier men and our lives. I dont know about you but If I want help I would ask for it. So I hung around and made some jokes about them and legeon being the same thing but in a really clever and suttle way. They next thing I know I hear reports of flying creatures attacking anyone or thing that moves. I also hear that a Krackon was coming ashore reaking havoc and mayhem come to destroy town. I decided that it was time to do what every good soldier does at a time like this. I visited the privy so as not to embaressmyself later. I come out and they are attacking us saying we killed their leader and some other town folk had come in to help us get out. I was all ready to light up someones night like a pin cushin but then of all things unexpected in pop dracon royal guards and demand a stop to the fighting. I have never seen something so funny as the inquisitor's face when told to shut up by the Dracon. After both sides told thier lies and stories they were told to go seperate ways till a trial could be done. I told that they called their nearby army to come and ravage town in response. I also have on good authority that the dracon is not going to let them try to run the country and have dispatched for over a 1000 of them. And I thought that 5 of them were an army.(Laughs a Lot) I went to bed into a very troubled sleep. The next day I just bagged me some fliers but had to use special arrows to take them alive. We built a cage and set them up as gift(Trophy) to the Govener of the provience. I am a bit thirsty and I this story is worth at least 2 mugs of ale.

PS I need your E-mail to turn in some down time before next game. Please. Maybe I can get it written down and meet you somewhere for lunch if things go good this week.

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July's Game [23 Jun 2005|03:20pm]

Ok, since the first Saturday of the month also coincides so nicely with July 4th it was suggested at the camping trip that we push the game back from the 1st Saturday to the 2nd Saturday as many people may be out of town for the holiday.

How do you all feel about this? Would that work for all of you? This would certainly give your plot team a bit more time to unravel our brains from the unexpected things you all (inevitably) did during the camping trip and plan for your imminent destruction! Muhaha!...hee... ahem...
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off topic x-post (I hope that this will be ok) [21 Jun 2005|03:17pm]

We have a rare opportunity today and tomorrow.
The B-17 bomber, "Sentimental Journey" flew into Jeffco Airport (ICAO ID: KBJC) and is parked on the Stevens Aviation ramp. There are very few B-17's left in the world and fewer still that fly. The public is welcome to come and look (free). If you want to take a tour of the inside they do ask for a $5.00 donation. On Thursday there will be some flights as well at $395.00 per flight (25 min in air + 20 min briefing). Come see a rare bit of living history!
I am not associated with these people - I just like planes and this is accross the street from my school.
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Safety [16 Jun 2005|12:42pm]

When attending the most recent Open Plot meeting I ended up discussing safety while in boffer combat. The issue was brought up that for each gender there is a specific section on our anatomy that does not appreciate impact. This is both a health issue as well as a personal comfort issue. I agreed to make a post here about this to give some help locating solutions to this.
The easy ones first:
If you don't know about them you probably have not gone to many sporting events. A jock cup can do much for pain avoidance and reproductive health. It is important to realize that major damage to that area has many very significant long term health risks. Wear a cup and consult a doctor if hurt. You can get them from any decent sporting goods shop like Gart Bros.

Frauen (ladies):
Realize that the sports world is coming out of the dark ages finally. Since there are not millions of fans pouring $ into watching many female contact sports there are not as many choices for protective gear. That said I have tracked down the appropriate gear and a couple of locations for them.
Before I do that I would like to address a myth:
that women do not have to worry about impact to the groin.
Dead wrong. There are more than a few risks that damage there can have terrible effects on reproductive health, orgasmic dysfunction, and burst ovaries (they are near the front wall of the abdomen and can sustain damage via external impact)
I have located protection for both the chest and the groin as a result.
online resources at
chest protection from Leon paul

Blade Fencing - also has guys chest protectors.


local resources at:
Cheyenne Fencing
5818 E Colfax Av-
Denver, 80220 - 1507
(303) 321-8657

Northern Colorado Fencers
1725 Walnut
Boulder, CO 80302 - 5581
(303) 443-6557

Pierre Le Chat Fencing Club
5970 Ingalls
Arvada, CO 80003 - 5682
(303) 463-2911

South Denver Fencing Academy
7075 S Alton Wy
Centennial, CO 80112 - 2017
(720) 200-5588

Groin protection at:

Karate depot

Most of my other
Google results were similar.

With this safety information now out in the open I will not really listen to any complaints caused by your wobbly-dobbly bits getting whacked. You all now have the solution close at hand.
That said anyone that can prove that they are wearing the appropriate safety gear at the next game I attend will get a hug + an in game gift (a surprise!)
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Camping Trip [15 Jun 2005|02:26pm]
I plan on having a spegetti dinner on Friday Night for everyone. I am making sure there is some for everyone. I will have enough for everyone. There may even be leftovers for sunday. I plan on having fun and hope nobody is fretting over food. Looking forward to this weekend. See you all there!
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Open Plot meeting [06 Jun 2005|08:10am]

Open Plot meeting will be held on the 12th of June At Bonnie Brae Hobbies. We will be there around 5:00pm to hand out directions, take payments, answer questions, and help people work out rides. We would like to see everyone who is planning on going on the trip at the open plot meeting.

Bonnie Brae Hobbies
3421 S. Broadway

See ya there!
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THANKS!!! [03 Jun 2005|11:09am]

I would like to take a moment to thank the plot team for Vampire larp for all the games we have made together, and for the fun times there in. I would also like to thank 7th Sea plot (all members past and present) for the games that it has ran and for introducing me to this wonderfull thing called LARP!.

as a note to players it takes alot of work and time to run a game, there are times that it is rather thankless. An ocassional thanks from the players goes along ways (no not xp) it make us feel appreceated and lets us know that what we are doing is worth our time. So please take the time to thank you plot memebers , be it in person, via email, or before or after game.

once again THANKS!!!! to all the plot teams for both games and thanks to the players too for makeing those games a continued success

Julian "Jules" Burns
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fyi [30 May 2005|12:47pm]

[ mood | busy ]

the 7th sea site will be down for a little while I'm moving to a new house. I may need to change the address as well, so I'll update this post when I'm settled.

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Open Plot Meeting [27 May 2005|02:11pm]

Ok, the Open Plot Meeting is the Sunday before each game. As we will not be having a regular, 1st of the month game this month, the Open Plot meeting with be on June 12th!

Now, this one is especially important as this is were we will be passing out directions, answering any questions on downtimes, etc., and collecting last minute funds. If you need an updated copy of your character sheet or need to get one to me, you'll want to be there. If you need your updated XP or make some last minute expendatures, you want to be there. If you simply want to paint your plot members like blue smurfs!... you want there.

Ok, so maybe not the blue part, but if you've caught the jist of the post... You want to be there!

EDIT: Time and Location of Open Plot Meeting shall be posted when we are closer to the actual day of. Plot is still discussing where exactly it shall be, and whether we should allott(sp?) additional time to ensure everything is taken care of.
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[26 May 2005|10:14pm]

So when is open plot this month?
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