Sukida (sukida) wrote in lair7thsealarp,

Upcoming game and October


Ok, since we have... oh, 5? Maybe 6? actual dedicated players at this point we will not be having a camping trip this October. I figured that was pretty obvious for those of you that come to game, but thought I'd make sure everyone knew anyway.

However, we will still be having the Harvest Masque! So, get together your best garb folks! I know the Don Hugo was intending for a bit of dressing down for the nobles (How quaint!, as they would say.) so they might fit in with the townsfolk better but this is also the chance for you peasant folk out there to show off what you got! Be prepared for some dancing, some carousing, and some effigy burning! Woo!

The September (Sept. 3rd) game will be the last game for this year held at Prospect Park. We'll try to get the large pavilion this time, but as you all know it's first come, first serve. Unless someone actually paid for it, then they always get it.

The October game (Oct. 1st) will be at Bonnie Brae Hobby Shop. As usual, we play downstairs and in the lot out back. We will be making this game a pot luck, so drag out those recipes and we'll bring our best if you do the same.

As always, if anyone has any suggestions, complaints, concerns, etc... please send them to, and we will respond as swiftly as possible. Thank you.
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